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Community Partners
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Jocotoco Foundation 

Jocotoco Foundation is an Ecuadorian non-governmental organization (NGO), created in 1998 with the objective of protecting areas of critical importance for the conservation of endemic and threatened bird species in Ecuador that are not under the protection of the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP). Jocotoco achieves this goal by acquiring and managing land as biological reserves.

Fundación Jocotoco was founded in September 1998 to protect the habitat of the local species Jocotoco Antpitta - the name "Jocotoco" is an onomatopoeia used by local farmers who recognized this species for its song.

So far, the foundation has established a network of twelve reserves, which together protect around 22 629 hectares. Although these reserves were created to protect the habitats of threatened birds, they also protect flora and fauna associated with these habitats. The foundation has established important relationships with the local communities.







Clara Luna

Located in the fishing village of Puerto López, Manabí, Ecuador, Clara Luna is a community organization that provides programming focused on education-based recreational activities for the community, with a focus on children, youth and their families.

Our volunteers run after-school programming at Clara Luna centre, tutor children, teach English, host community reading initiatives and help in other community organizations and projects – all while helping to stimulate an interest in learning. Volunteers come from around the world for varying lengths of time, with the minimum commitment being one month. There are no program fees.

We are a non-profit, non-political, non-denominational organization, funded by the housing fees at the Clara Luna volunteer house and independent donors.


Organic Life was born in 2010 as a hobby of our mother; she started to grow organic vegetables and fruits in our farm located in Amaguaña, just 40 minutes from Quito.


Each day the production increased and one of her friends gave her the idea of opening the door of our garage in Quito and start selling to the neighbors, and that's how our start up began, in our house garage  

In 2018 we obtained the organic certificate of Ecuador and the United States granted by QCS and by Agrocalidad for all our products, including eggs, being the first and only producers of certified organic eggs in Ecuador, hormone-free hens, free of antibiotics, and hens free of suffering and stress, since in organic certification, what is most important is animal welfare; thus giving the security to our consumers that our products are totally organic and encouraging so that more people decide to make the change in their lives and join this movement of organic agriculture in Ecuador and worldwide.


You can make your purchases from the comfort of your home directly from our website: 


Otra Ola opened in 2010 -- the dream business for Canadian expats, and husband and wife team, Ryan and Vanessa.

Ryan, an accomplished snowboarder and natural born teacher, and Vanessa a yoga instructor, left the mountains of Western Canada in 2008 for the warm waters of Ecuador, a slower life and a tranquil place to learn Spanish and surf.  

When they couldn’t find suitable Spanish or surfing schools, the idea for Otra Ola was conceived. And when they came to the small seaside town of Ayampe, they knew they had found the perfect location for Otra Ola.

Over the next two years they spent many hours surfing the waves, living and learning the language from locals, traveling for additional yoga studies and hundreds of hours on construction to open Otra Ola Surf, Spanish and Yoga school.

Otra Ola means another wave and it is the couple’s philosophy for their lives and business.

“Slow down, take a break, appreciate where you are -- there will always be another wave.”


The idea began in Brazil, 7 years ago, when a friend taught us what orgonite was and its many benefits. Already thinking about the idea of traveling through the Americas, we prove to be a good opportunity to edify other people. In the first year of our trip, the orgonites were not for sale but to barter and give away the friends we were making, spreading the idea of what orgonite was. In Ecuador, since 2019, we started working more with sales to maintain our journey, but always being open to teach everyone who wants to learn, doing many workshops for friends along the way. We sold at tourist spots, doing strength and balance tests, so that people know the damage caused by cell phone radiation and the benefits of the Orgonites. With the Pandemic, we invested in internet advertising and ORGONITE PROTECTION emerged, which has shipped to customers from all points of Ecuador. People are increasingly looking for information and new knowledge. We are happy to be able to help by contributing to the expansion of consciousness, bringing our knowledge and experience, showing that there is something beyond matter, there is a whole universe of energy of which we are a part.

Nuestro contacto:
WA  0979817474


We are Hogar Verde, an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the manufacture of biodegradable cleaning products. Our company was formed in 2017 after our father, Chemical Engineer and CEO of our parent company, Engineering and Environmental Services realized something very important. What product contains 3 of the most difficult components and costs to get out in the wastewater? Traditional detergents and soap-based cleaning products. Most detergents contain phosphorus, nitrogen and common surfactants. They are used to lower production costs.

How do they contaminate phosphorus and nitrogen? When these components reach rivers, lakes and seas they cause the overgrowth of algae. A process known as eutrophication. When algae die, they consume a large amount of the oxygen available in that body of water. And as we know a body of water without oxygen is a body of water without life. They are also very difficult components and costs to remove in wastewater. Our proposal, our Green Home. This is how our proposal was born, biodegradable cleaning products (free of phosphorus and nitrogen), multienzymatic, efficient in their use, with returnable containers and delicious aromas. The benefit of being enzymatic? Our products are manufactured based on biodegradable enzymes. Biodegradable enzymes are biocatalysts, proteins that accelerate the processes of degradation, transformation or manufacture of substances.  They are ideal for degrading organic matter which makes them ideal for use in cleaning products. In addition to being environmentally friendly.

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