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Holistic education is concerned with the development of a person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials.  Roots and Wings  aims to create “whole” individuals who are well balanced in their outlook on life and their personal understanding of themselves in relation to the world.

Roots and Wings emphasizes self-knowing and honoring who you are, learning to set realistic and achievable goals, and in retrospect, regularly examining the path you have taken to achieve your goals.  Holistic learning honors life experience, both achievements and road blocks, with a focus on both what went well and what didn’t go as planned.  Roots and Wings believes that learning is in everything we do and self-reflection is the key to understanding yourself and becoming a happy and strong adult.

““Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning.””
— Ron Miller- Pioneer in Holistic Education

Since we are part of the Progressive Education Movement, we hold the following common values with other progressive methodologies such as Waldorf, Montessori, Sudbury Valley and Forest Schools, and Reggio Emilia Education, Stem Learning, among others. 


At Roots and Wings we:

  • Emphasis learning by doing and providing hands on projects and oppurtunities

  • Design integrated curriculum focused on thematic units

  • Help our students learn to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

  • Provide regular opportunities for group work and the development of social skills

  • Facilitate understanding and action as the goals of learning as opposed to rote knowledge

  • Emphasize collaboration and cooperation rather than competition

  • Educate for social responsibility and democracy

  • Integrate community service and service learning projects in the daily curriculum

  • De-emphasize the use of text books in favor of varied learning resources

  • Create life-long learners

  • Assess by evaluation of children’s projects, goals and learning experiences

  • Help students understand and respect their learning styles

  • Interweave Mindfullness and Yoga thru out the day

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