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Is surfing good for children?

Thinking of getting your child involved in surfing? Well, that’s a great idea! Surfing has many health benefits that your child will gain. Read up on these benefits to see what your child will get from surfing aside from having a great time in the water:

It’s great for your child’s physical health: Surfing is a cardiovascular workout that will keep your child in shape. It requires paddling and kicking that give the upper-body, back and legs and intense workout. When your child starts to stand on his or her board, the core is used to keep balance on the board. Since surfing is is so fun, even children who don’t like exercising that much will enjoy surfing without even knowing that they’re getting good exercise.

Surfing will make your child happy: Surfing releases endorphins that will improve your child’s mood. Plus, a day at the ocean with friends and soaking up the sun will keep your child happy. Your child will have fun while surfing and make unforgettable memories.

Surfing is a sport for life: Once your child experiences surfing, it’ll be a sport that he or she won’t want to stop. The only thing that matters in surfing is having fun, so even children who aren’t as athletic as other will want to surf for life.

Your child will adopt a healthy lifestyle: Since surfing releases endorphins, your child’s body won’t feel the need to get endorphins from unhealthy food. Surfing encourages people to eat healthy, spend time outdoors and get exercise. 

Surfing is awesome: Surfing will build your child’s self-esteem and encourage self-improvement. Your child will be among his or her peers who have similar interests, and if your child really takes a liking to surfing, then try looking for a surf school that will improve your child’s surfing skills. Surfing is an awesome professional sport that gives you the opportunity to travel to some of the best surf spots and and exotic places.

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